Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Day

Yesterday was a very happy day :)
My Christmas packet from my parents arrived:

It is very big :)
Thank you so much!
I already got my Christmas present with the packet but I gave it to Steph so that she can keep it until I can open it :)

We also left for the Fall Retreat from Youth Group yesterday, which was awesome. Unfortunately we are already back so we had just about 24 hours there but it was still very cool.
We girls slept in a cabin together with a squirrel :D

There was a hole in our window (the wood frame was eaten) so that's probably how it entered. It was very crazy: every time we got back from lunch etc. there were other girls running out of the cabin and screaming. I never got to see it but it should be very big ^^ Here are some pictures from the Retreat:

The bus

Sun goes down

Emily, Elle, Alex and Jamie


Everybody's listening to Josh ^^

Laura and Paige

Grace and Paige


This was the squirrel protection :P

We were kind of afraid and stand on the couch, table, etc. :)

That's where the squirrel escaped

Jamie and Elle

One of the fun games for our Girl-Guys competition (let the pencil jump into the cup letting it drop on the eraser)

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