Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank You

Because it's already past midnight I have to say: Yesterday was Thanksgiving!
My first Thanksgiving ever and it was sooo awesome :)

My host family has the tradition to put a special Thanksgiving table-cloth on the table were everybody writes down what they are thankful for. Up above is mine so here are the others (I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Mitch's ...):

Kripa writing hers

What Kripa is thankful for.

Zeke signing his (Eden wrote it for him)

What Zeke is thankful for.

Josh signing his (again Eden wrote it)

What Josh is thankful for.

Steph writing what she is thankful for

That's what she's thankful for :)

Tirzah signing hers (Steph wrote it)

That's what Tirzah's thankful for - she loves her dolls :)

Caleb writing his

That's what he's thankful for.

Micah writing his.

He is thankful for...

That's what Pratish is thankful for
Eden writing hers.

That's what Eden is thankful for.

... and Malachi is thankful for...?!

Kripa and Pratish are students from Saint Cloud State who are originally from Nepal which is right there:

See where the wooden stick is pointing at?

They both came over to celebrate Thanksgiving with us which looked like this (very yummy!)

Some fruit punch before we actually started eating

Mitch preparing the turkey
My first thanksgiving plate :)

... and my second one - cheesecake :D

Tirzah decided to eat her cup cake with her cup - she was licking the frosting off of it...

... but she can also use her hands ;)

It was an awesome day and the food was really, really good. We had so much fun together at our house and then afterward when we went to Paul's and Marilyn's house. Here are some more pictures:

Sharpies :)

I was able to take a picture of Micah when he wasn't paying attention :)

Tirzah, Steph and baby #8 :)

Bob the Builder aka Malachi ^^
Playing card games and tricks :)

Group picture ;)

On the way to Papa's house...

Tirzah fell asleep ^^

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Anna Kristine said...

Sounds like it was fun! My thanksgiving was totally boring.