Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's over now

I had my last event for volleyball last Wednesday: the banquet.
It was a lot of fun as I already posted on my facebook wall ;) We got awards, talked to different people, had dinner catering from a Mexican restaurant and coach Merten talked about the season in general.

I got the 'Most Improved' award of my team - obviously it's not very hard to improve when you can't play at all :P
I also got the 'Senor Award' (it's spelled wrong, it's supposed to be 'Senior Award' ^^) and a certificate of participation. When I got my Senior Award they asked me to give the 'younger' players an advice and when I was struggling to find one, Claire (one of my volleyball sisters who's also a Senior) told me that I could just tell something in German... Well that didn't help at all, it was even harder. It is so weird when I talk German, I always translate into English before I start talking :D Anyways I said 'Sei gut.' which means 'Be good' :D Pretty simple.

Waiting in line for the food :)

JV1 Team with their coach

Our team getting out team awards from Coach Merten

My 'Senor Award' - I love how they spelled my name ;)

My participation award already in my volleyball scrapbook
And my team award :)

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